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Companies offer the best protection against corporate liability for business owners, or shareholders. This means that there are provisions in the law in such a way that your personal assets are not in danger to satisfy the obligations of the companies, specifically the creditors.

  • Company name availability check (Corporate name check)
  • Company Registration: Preparation and filing of your incorporation documents
  • One Year of Registered Agent services
  • Action of the Sole Incorporator to appoint the board of directors (or members)
  • Publishing Instructions in case it is required by the state.
  • Online Access to your filed documents
  • Complete online organizational resolutions package available online
  • Full Support
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
Create a Limited Liability Company.

In order to form a LLC, Articles of Organization  have to be prepared and filed with the Secretary of State where the business is going to operate. The Articles are the main filing document which begins the LLC’s existence under state law. Once filed, the LLC comes into existence.

Generally, most jurisdictions require Articles of Organization to contain, at a minimum, information about the following:

  • Corporate Name
  • Business address
  • Main activity
  • Name and address of the Registered Agent.
  • Name and Address of initial Members.
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"S" corporation: what is it and how you become one of them.
Know how to create a nonprofit corporation.

As with any other type of entity, Articles of Incorporation have to be prepared and filed with the Secretary of State where the entity is going to operate. The Nonprofit’s “Articles of Incorporation” is the main filing document which begins the nonprofit corporation’s existence under state law.

The articles of incorporation declare the desire of a group of people to become a nonprofit corporation. It spells out certain minimum information about the nonprofit that is required by the laws of the state. They are more complex than other for-profit entities.

Know about non-US citizen incorporation plans.
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